Christians pray to much about thing they should not pray.

Most of us have heard Christians make this statement I prayed about it and God has not shown me that it is wrong.  

I look at it this way before you pray and ask God to approve what you want to do. The first thing you need to do is read the Bible many of the things Christians are praying and seeking Gods guidance about is in reality and excuse to do their own thing.

The Bible has clear guide lines about how we need to live and interact with people and things around us. God will not approve any action if it contradicts His principal guidelines that He has in the Bible.

The problem with praying before reading and following God principals are that when someone tries to point out to you that what you are doing is violating the word of God. Nine out of ten times the response will be that you are judgmental or that you are legalistic that they have prayed about it and God has not shown them that it is wrong.

Don’t say that you are praying about something or that you have prayed about it if you only have some supernatural expectation of how you want God to speak to you. If people and the word of God are excluded from the ways God can speak to you it simply means you have decided on a action and noting will be able to change your mind.

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